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Press Release April 2012

Press sSpain: only doom and gloom?

Nowadays Belgium and The Netherlands are inundated with daily negative news about Spain.
Each reporter has a story about how bad the situation is in Spain. But is it really just doom and gloom? Or is the old adage of "one man's death is another's bread" a more appropriate description? 

The figures for February 2012 of the Instituto Nacional de EstadĂ­stica or INE (the Spanish National Statistics Institute) shows just once more that the trade in real estate goes in the right direction. A slight decrease of -6.2% against January 2012 is still a very good result. The impressive increase in the number of homes sold in January 2012 with an increase of 42% against December 2011 is very difficult to repeat. It is now the 2nd month in a row that the number of homes sold is more than 67 000 units.

The figures also show that out of the six regions that are performing above average, 3 are popular holiday destinations: Communitat Valenciana, Region de Murcia and Andalucia.

What once again supports our interpretation that the purchase of second homes by "foreigners" is positively influencing the statistics.

Murcia: one man's death is another's bread.
Murcia, is not really known unless you start paying attention to the trucks with fresh vegetables on the motorways in Belgium or the Netherlands, or when you start reading the label of the "43" liqueur more closely.

According to La Verdad, the contraction of the economy in Murcia this year amounts to 1.1%, while the average decline for the whole of Spain is projected at 1.7%. From 2013 onwards one expect again a rise with 0.5%.

The good news? Exports rose in Murcia this year by 11%, agriculture 1.9%, industrial production by 1.7% and finally services rose by 0.8%. What causes than the general decline? That is almost exclusively attributable to the construction industry ie - 6.9%.

The "bad" news? In the past a lot of properties were built in Murcia on 4 large golf resorts. Almost more than 40 000 homes. It is this rage for building that caused a local surplus. A surplus of modern apartments and houses, 10 minutes from the beach (shuttle provided) that today is largely owned by the Spanish banks and through them offered at very favorable rates (-50%). That offer is shrinking every day, so bargain hunters should act quickly.

With the increase of tourist numbers, the opening of the new airport at Corvera in 2013 and the start of the infrastructure of the Paramount Theme Park, the future of Murcia looks bright.

Source INE and Azull
Author Johan Conix Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.

Who is Johan Conix-Azull? Johan Conix owns and leads the management of Azull, a registered real estate company in Spain.
Azull specializes in coaching Belgian and Dutch clients in the purchase of a home on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida in Murcia.
Johan lives and works on site and has a rich career in advising Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
With the same precision and attention to detail, he and his team provide advise today regarding what to buy and what not to buy in Spain.
This third "Best Practice" article is therefore written based on Johan's daily experience with real estate in southeast Spain.

You can meet Johan personally in Murcia or at the Costa Blanca for more information.
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