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More Information

Who is Azull
"Honest advice and excellent service", that is what Azull stands for.
Where do you want a house? At sea or in inland Spain? A house or apartment? Need help applying for electricity and gas, practical information about the area, organization of health care in Spain, nice restaurants etc. ...... You ask and we will explain how you can find or do this in Spain, alternatively we can organise it for you.
What is important to you? Relax, excursions, sports, good food, market visits ...
We think along with you. Together we cerainly will find a property that suits you.
What do we do for you?
We assist you with advice and support based on our thorough knowledge of local laws, customs and habits. Our aim is that you can make informed and knowledgeable decisions for your purchase. We provide you with all the correct info and if you have found that particular "click" for your dream home you just have to decide: Yes, this is what I want!
Even after your purchase, you can continue to rely on us through our office in Belgium and offices in Spain.

Caution In Spain, real estate agents do not operate with exclusivity, in contrast to some other countries where you usually source each property from a different broker. In other words, first choose with which real estate agency you want to work and only then go to check properties in Spain. We can offer you 98% of all properties in Murcia, on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol that are for sale.
Hollow words and sales pitches you will not get from us. We operate with an enthusiastic team with a solid knowledge.
Want to know what our customers think of us? Then click on the right side on the icon that says "Testimonials".

Choose a property in a location where you feel good and you will definitely enjoy your purchase for a very long time.

And in the words of John Keats: "A place of beauty is a joy for ever".

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