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mazarron-1The bay of Mazarron is 35km long and runs from Bolnuevo in the south, known for its Ciuda Encantada -"Enchanted City"- which is a rock formation cut out by wind and erosion, to La AzohĂ­a in the north.
La AhozĂ­a is famous among underwater speleologists.

The underwater tunnels and hallways stretch for miles and are enormously complex. It is strongly recommend to only exploring these caves when equipped with a good map.

A little further is a charming village where they still fish for tuna with the traditional fishing nets called "almadraba".
If you like rest and relaxation there are many small and quiet beaches like Reya, Bahia, Nares or El Castelar, or small bays such as Cala Amarilla, Percheles or Punto Calnegre. If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of some dolphins or maybe even a small whale.

More than 20 well explained travel routes that can be done on foot, by bike or on horseback gives you an amazing view of the coast and the lands beyond.
At the centre of the bay you will find Puerto de Mazzaron, a tourist centre with excellent hotels,
terraces and an animated nightlife.

Worth visiting is the old roman salt facility, which reminds us of Mazarron's history as the production centre of salted vegetables and fish.

The city of Mazarron itself is found 3km from the coast. Eye-catchers are the monastery-church of La Purisma.

Legend has it the Virgin Mary appeared here right before the Berber tribes assaulted the city and as such miraculously allowed the citizens to evacuate the city in time. The town has a long history, and every street corner has its own story to tell.

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