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cartagena-1Cartagena, an old port with a history stretching over 2500 years is found within a natural bay and is definitely worth a visit. All buildings in the port-city are protected and restored in their original state. An old roman theatre, in the centre of the town, services as an outdoor stage for many events.
The dock houses in the harbour refer to the rich history of Spain.
The Castillo de la Concepción is built on one of the 5 hills surrounding the city and gives a great overview of the several stages of development the city has gone through since its foundation.
The Museo Arqueológia Municipal de Cartagena is built on the old church of San Antón, with interesting relics dating to the stone age and the Museo National de Arqueológia Maritima has a great collection amphora's from the classical age of Spain and Portugal.
The people of Cartagena like to celebrate. The week before Easter there are numerous processions and for 15 days Cartagena is the battlefield for Romans and ancient Cartagians. Everywhere you will find camps, parades, battles and orations.
But above all Cartagena is a nice, cosy town with many stores, a marina, boulevard and many tapas bars.

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